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About Us


Who are we? We're a small group of fans that absolutely love Countryballs- so much in fact, that we decided we had to have some plushies of our own to decorate our houses and to give as gifts!

Fortunately, we're also a team of Mad Inventors that specialise in the design and production of various wacky products, like the Legendary Suitjama, Knight Hoodies and many more, so we had all the experience and tools needed to make these professionally, and at the best possible price!

We've now achieved our dream & Countryball Plushies are officially a thing that you can buy, with dozens of designs and add-ons to choose from- both for you and for the rest of our community!

So what are Countryballs? Countryballs are characters from the incredibly popular online cartoon series Polandball. Each Countryball represents the flag & personality of their countries' culture:

Australiaball says "mate" a lot, loves to drink beer and throw shrimp on the barbie

UKball is a classy & sophisticated gentleman, with a top hat & monacle

Canadaball loves his maple syrup & moose, but not as much as he loves saying sorry, eh?

And many more!


What makes Polandball cartoons so incredible in our opinion is the fact that unlike other popular series, which usually have a small team creating and controlling the characters behind the scenes, Polandball is completely crowd-sourced- made by the community, for the community. Anyone can create a Polandball comic! 

Polandball comics let you see the world through the eyes of other people & cultures. You can read about the most important geopolitical issues today, or history from the past, with hilarious characters and stories. Have you seen the Ukraine conflict from both the Ukrainian & Russian perspective? You can with Polandball!

Countryballs are a great way to learn about other people & cultures, in a simple and humorous format. You can also learn how your country is seen by others! Are you a classy & sophisticated UKball? A loud & totally awesome USAball? Check out our Plushies in the Store to read an interesting story about YOUR country!

We hope you enjoy! We plan on bringing out new countryballs, hats and other add-ons monthly, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list here to be brought up to date with our latest developments and inventions!

The ZBOSS Inc Team