UKball Ultra-Plushie


"God Save The Queen!"

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UKball is a kingdom of combined islandballs located off the coast of Franceball. As a true gentleman, he is never found without accompaniment of a top hat, monocle, pocketwatch, and occasionally an umbrella (like any true gentleman should). He once dominated the world, you know (Rule Britannia!)

He loves Tea, Fish & Chips, Doctor Who, Scotch Whisky, Sexual Repression, and World Domination.

Currently, UKball is a reluctant member of EUball, which he plans to leave soon.

At his peak, UKball was known as the largest empire of all time- He owned so much clay that the sun was said to never set on the British Empire (by the time the sun set on one side, it was already rising at the other) and a full fifth of the world was once governed by London.


Both UKball and Franceball are descended from Celtball but were later adopted by SPQRball, a harsh trainer but otherwise loving stepfather who taught them technology, Latin, and the art of Imperialism. When SPQRball died however, they were left as orphans, and the once-siblings became rivals who always tried to one-up each other in the game of World Domination, to be the one and only successor of SPQRball's glory and legacy.

It was that French brat who sponsored one of the darkest events in British history, the independance of USAball, once a loyal colony of Britain in North America. She helped USAball rebel against his father by sending him arms, troops and money as revenge for UKball winning the Seven Years War against her back in Europe in 1763.

Despite the loss of his best son, thanks to his cunning citizens, UKball soon after experienced the Industrial Revolution and also became the wealthiest nation in the world. He also made great advances in military, technology, and science.

This meant he could afford to greatly enhance his culture, as well as drink lots of USAball's tea, smoke lots of Chinaball's Opium and eat lots of Indiaballs's curry. This is the origin of the modern-day Gentleman- respectable, wealthy & worldly.

Even today, UKball's culture is considered to be among the most respectable and classiest in the world. His accent is especially adored.

After the World Wars, UKball was so exhausted that he granted independence to most of his remaining colonies such as Indiaball, and the title of World Leader passed to his son USAball. UKball is still relevant, but in comparison to his glory days can be considered semi-retired.

If you're a fan of the United Kingdom, show your love, do yourself a favor and grab a UKball today!


What are Countryball Plushies?

Not just an ordinary Plushie, this is your chance to become the proud owner of an Ultra Plush Countryball!

Join the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and proudly share your national identity with friends & family!


WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! (*Duty Taxes may apply in Europe)


- Made of Ultra-Plush fabric

- Hand-Embroidered features

- 18cm Diameter (7" in the colonies)

- Reinforced Stitching

- Squishy!


Love to Travel? Have you visited other countries?

Always remember your favourite places and cultures with a Countryball Plushie!

Decorate your Home, Room or Office, you can even give them to a loved one overseas so they don’t forget their homeland!


Collect them all! New Countryballs are being released each month. Purchase three or more Countryballs in one order and receive a 25% discount off the entire amount!

Choose 10 or more and get a 30% discount!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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UKball Ultra-Plushie Photo
UKball Ultra-Plushie Photo

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